The first information about our parish dates 1314,  when Strzepcz and Tłuczewo were given by Piotr Święca from Nowe. Undoubtedly there was  a parish in Strzepcz that time and we learn about it from the document from 1325. The appearance of the miraculous figure of St Mary from Strzepcz is connected with the Teutonic knights. The Order of St Mary made the cult of St Mary more even popular on Pomerania. Both the spoken tradition and written source mention Strzepcz as a place of St Mary’s cult and pilgrimages, which are testified by votive offerings hung from time immemorial in the altar. When Strzepcz became again a part of Kingdom of Poland it turned into a place of local authorities meetings. Surely Józef Wybicki, the author of polish national anthem and a member of regional council, was also visiting this place.

            After the first Partition of Poland local parishioners persistently keep their identity. Franciszek Schroeder from Strzepcz – the deputy in Berlin for over 20 years – and priests Blok brothers repeatedly proved it . During school strike in 1906 parish-priest Antoni Dawidowski and organist Milczewski were arrested for defiance against Prussian authorities. As well as numerous parishioners, also parish-priest Stanisław Szarafiński and curate Bronisław Trzcińska have sacrificed their life in the name of fatherland.

            Today parishioners in accordance with motto ’We stand by God’ wish to continue this heritage in next 700 years.